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Téma: Fitness nőknek
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When the criterion for leadership was physical strength, men became leaders. Now, however,
education has overcome such distinctions and there is greater regard for equal rights among
women and men. Where old ways of thinking discriminate against women, we should change
them. Since science shows that women are more sensitive to others’ pain, they have a
special role to play in promoting compassion and human values.
... www.facebook.com/DalaiLama/posts/10156219191842616
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REND kivül-belül

Organizing Tip #1:

Don't become overly obsessed with saving everything. We are no longer in a depression, ladies. If you feel guilty about throwing things away, set aside a "give away" box in your garage and once it's full drop it off at a nearby Salvation Army store.
Start tonight by recycling all those plastic bags that you get at the grocery store.
Save what you need and get rid of the rest.

Organizing Tip #2: -tvzőknek

Next time you're sitting in front of the TV watching your favorite show...Pull out your junk drawer, grab a trash bag, and get comfortable. During the commercials, go through the drawer and throw away what you don't use.
Take it a step further and grab a couple of those Rubbermaid plastic bowls and use them as organizing "trays". Keep your rubber bands, twist ties, tacks, safety pins, and everything else organized for easy access.
By the way, if you're interested in learning TONS of easy and effective ways to make your life easier, check out my eBook "Bounce Back From Burnout". I'm so sure
you'll love it that I'm willing to let you try it for no charge.

For more info, click here: http://www.bouncebackfromburnout.com/ebook/?s=10075&e=1

Organizing Tip #3:

Avoid paper piles.
Get 3 magnetic envelope-size holders that will fit nicely on the side of your refrigerator.
Use the top two for in-coming bills and specific mail that requires ACTION.
The top one can be used for bills you need to pay beforethe 15th.
The second can be used for bills you need to pay before the 30th.
The third can be used for direct-mail coupons, thin catalogs, or anything else you want to keep around for awhile.

Organizing Tip #4:

Take control of your laundry. Purchase an inexpensive drying rack or designate a towel bar to dry items that need to be air-dried.
If possible, stand this drying rack near the dryer so that it's close to the washer for convenience purposes. Your items will also dry faster since they are close to
the heat coming out of the dryer.

Another laundry tip...Take a square cardboard box and set it near the dryer.
Store all your "solo" socks in this box until they find their mates.

The "missing sock" phenomena...No matter how organized I get, this continues to haunt
Last but not least, set aside a "dry cleaning" tub. All dry cleaning items can stay organized this way until you're ready to run the tub to the cleaners.

Organizing Tip #5:

While you're in the kitchen- whether you're waiting for water to boil or simply on the phone- start organizing one shelf at a time. Begin with your spice cabinet. Get rid of spices that you've had for years, and ones that you simply don't use. Wipe down the shelf, and feel good about making "slow but sure" progress.

A kitchen is a hard place to "tackle", however once you get it done don't be surprised if you feel inspired to cook-up something fantastic.

These 5 tips are just the "tips" of the iceberg.

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Természetes szépítőszerek..
(mandulaolaj, méz etc)
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So, without further ado, belly up to your PC for Phillips' five super strategies for a flatter stomach.

1. Együnk kis adagokat!
One of the first things people need to realize about flattening their belly is that when you begin eating smaller, more balanced portions of food you simply make a significant change on how the belly looks. One of the reasons most people do 100 sit-ups and can’t get a flat belly is because their gut is too full. By eating smaller portions you’re moving toward a flatter belly.

2. Csak az általános testsúlycsökkenéssel lehet lapos hasat elérni! Felülésektől nem fog csökkeni a pocak!
Overall body fat contributes to how lean the belly is. You can’t lose body fat on the belly. The body’s fat compartment is one system. Doing leg exercises actually burns five times more body fat than doing sit-ups. Exercising the whole body is the way to burn fat off the belly. The notion that doing sit-ups burns fat off the belly is a myth.

3. Heti 2x hasizomgyakorlat elegendő. Az izomnak is szüksége van pihenésre.
You don’t have to do sit-ups every day. Exercising the ab muscles twice a week is plenty. For example, perform your ab exercises every Monday and Thursday. Muscles become stronger and more firm through the process of adaptation. We stress the muscle and then it recovers and comes back stronger and better. The muscles need time to recover.

4. Helyes testtartás is fontos!
Oftentimes people don’t realize one of the reasons they’re tummy isn’t tighter is because of their posture. Their shoulders are falling and their posture is beginning to lean forward. Practice healthy posture with your shoulders up and back straight while walking, sitting at your desk and exercising. Doing this while exercising helps flatten the belly.

Two highly recommended ab exercises are crunches and leg lifts on the stability ball. These exercises work the most muscle fibers and get the best results the fastest. The stability ball causes you to activate virtually every muscle in the upper and lowers abs. The whole midsection core has to work to pull off the crunches and leg lifts.
Olvasta: 5 | Válasz | 2007. március 23. 18:58 | Sorszám: 2
Mozogni, mozogni s mozogni!

"Exercise is scientifically proven to help people break the pattern of addictive cravings for unhealthy foods," Phillips says.

"One of the reasons I so enthusiastically encourage exercise as a way of helping people change their eating habits is because it also soothes what the brain is craving. People who’ve struggled with making changes in their diet before know all too well that those cravings are coming from the mind. The body doesn’t crave anything. Working with the brain chemistry through exercise is an important part of success."
Olvasta: 5 | Válasz | 2007. március 23. 18:56 | Sorszám: 1

majd utána
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5 Tips for a Flatter Stomach!
A lapos hasért!

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