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Téma: On-line zene
Olvasta: 1 | Válasz | 2019. május 15. 16:51 | Sorszám: 1153

... http://he3.magnatune.com/images/m3/right_of_selling_points.gif?n=1
Late Devonian
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2016. május 31. 01:09 | Sorszám: 1152

Alan Parsons - Beginnings

Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2016. január 28. 10:12 | Sorszám: 1151

Sviatoslav Richter plays Bach Capriccio BWV 992

Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2016. január 07. 23:47 | Sorszám: 1150
De gyönyörű ez!
Goldberg Variations Complete (J.S. Bach BWV 988), with score, Kimiko Ishizaka piano
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. augusztus 05. 06:11 | Sorszám: 1149
KZMK a váci székesegyházban V.
Közzététel: 2012. szept. 2.

KZMK kórustábor záró mise a váci székesegyházban, 2012.08.19. - V.
Arvo Pärt: Da Pacem Domine
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. július 31. 06:54 | Sorszám: 1148
Handel 1749 Theodora Oratorio Daniels Olsen Upshaw William Christie
Közzététel: 2014. febr. 19.

Georg Friedrich Händel
Theodora, Oratorio composed in 1749
William Christie, conductor
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. június 30. 08:23 | Sorszám: 1147
Michelagnolo Galilei - Intavolatura di liuto
Közzététel: 2014. júl. 31.

Record Label: Ramee

Expedition Audio recommendation: http://www.expeditionaudio.com/michel...

To purchase, please visit: http://www.hbdirect.com/album_detail....

Album Overview
Michelagnolo Galilei, the younger brother of the famous Galileo, was a professional lutenist at the court of Maximillian of Bavaria. In this, he followed in the footsteps of his father, Vincenzo, also a lutenist but equally renowed as a theorist and one of the initiators of Count Bardi's influential Florentine "Camerata". Both Michelagnolo and Galileo were taught to play the lute by their father and the music included in this programme would have been known to and played by both brothers. In 1620 Galileo helped finance Michelagnolo's Il primo libro d'intavolatura di liuto. For this reason, most of the pieces for this project have been chosen from this publication. Despite being relatively unknown, it contains repertoire of high musical quality, reflecting the new thinking of the day and displaying both Italian influence: as in the poetic toccatas, stylistically close to the toccata de durezzo e ligature; and the new seventeenth-century French style as evinced by the correntes and voltes. As such the collection is a unique amalgam of forms encountered in no other publication of lute music. Th e book also contains passamezzi with their salterelli, a genre found in countless sixteenth-century collections and fulf illing the same function as the "twelve bar blues" in our own time.

Source: http://www.ramee.org/1306gb.html

előadó: Anthony Bailes
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. június 29. 15:08 | Sorszám: 1146
20.05 Kapcsoljuk a Fertőszentmiklósi Szent Miklós templomot
Kapcsoljuk a Fertőszentmiklósi Szent Miklós templomot 31. Régi Zenei Napok A Purcell Kórus
és az Orfeo Zenekar hangversenye Vez. Vashegyi György 1. Vivaldi: Gloria R. 589., 2. Bach:
a) 138. kantáta - Warum betrübst du dich, mein Herz, b) 76. kantáta - Die Himmel erzählen
die Ehre Gottes
... http://hangtar.radio.hu/share-3-20150627_200500
... www.radio.hu/rtv/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=97
... www.facebook.com/purcellchoir?fref=nf
... www.orfeo.hu/content.php?state=view&concert_id=1030
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. június 24. 07:50 | Sorszám: 1145
Annibale Padovano (1527-1575) - Messe à 24 voix
előadó: Huelgas-Ensemble and Paul Van Nevel
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. június 17. 08:08 | Sorszám: 1144
Leonardo Leo - Cello Concerto No.6 in D minor / Catherine Jones
Közzététel: 2015. jan. 13.

Lionardo Oronzo Salvatore de Leo (1694 † 1744)

Sacred Music from Naples
Geistliche Musik aus Neapel

Work: Concerto for Cello, Strings and Basso Continuo in D minor
Konzert für Violoncello, Streicher und Basso continuo Nr. 6 d-moll

Composed in 1738 for the Duke of Maddaloni

01. Andante grazioso
02. Con spirito
03. Amoroso
04. Allegro

Violins I: Olivia Centurioni, Ana Liz Ojeda, Daniela Nuzzoli, Boris Begelman
Violins II: Dmitry Sinkovsky, Elisa Imbalzano, Marta Peroni
Violas: Gianni Maraldi, Krishna Nagaraja
Cellos: Catherine Jones, Ludovico Takeshi Minasi
Double-bass: Davide Nava
Harpsichord and Organ: Andrea Perugi
Theorbo: Pier Luigi Ciapparelli

Alan Curtis, director
Il Complesso Barocco


Artwork: Holy Family with the Adoration of the Child by Charles Le Brun, 1655
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. június 06. 15:04 | Sorszám: 1143
Adolphus Hailstork: Toccata on Veni Emmanuel
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 4 | Válasz | 2015. június 03. 06:26 | Sorszám: 1142
Julius Röntgen - Symphony No. 8
Közzététel: 2015. febr. 8.

Julius Röntgen (1855-1932)

Symphony No. 8 'Jotunheim' in C sharp minor : for soprano and orchestra (1930)

Carmen Fuggiss, soprano
Orchestra: NDR Radiophilharmonie
Conductor: David Porcelijn

dedicated to Carl Schuricht

Julius Röntgen was a Dutch composer, conductor and pianist, son of Engelbert Röntgen. The most celebrated member of the family, he studied composition with Friedrich Lachner, harmony and counterpoint with Hauptmann and E.F. Richter and the piano with Louis Plaidy and Carl Reinecke. He began composing at the age of nine, and in 1869 he made his début as a composer at the Niederrheinisches Musikfest in Düsseldorf with a duo for two violins, performed by his father and Joseph Joachim. After giving concerts in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Baden-Baden he settled in Cannstatt (1873-1874) as accompanist to the baritone Julius Stockhausen. He visited Liszt in Weimar in 1870.
From 1877 to 1925 Röntgen lived in Amsterdam, where he became a piano teacher at the music school in 1878 (the school acquired conservatory status in 1884). From 1912 to 1924 he was director of the Amsterdam Conservatory, succeeding Frans Coenen and Daniël de Lange, and he remained there as a piano teacher until 1926. He succeeded G.A. Heinze as conductor of the choral society Excelsior (1884-1886) and Johannes Verhulst as conductor of the Amsterdam Toonkunstkoor (1886-1898); he also directed the Felix Meritis concerts for some time. As a pianist, he gave many recitals, was accompanist to the Dutch baritone Johannes Messchaert and Pablo Casals and, with his sons Julius Röntgen and Engelbert Röntgen, formed the Röntgen Trio before World War I. During his stay in Amsterdam he became friendly with Brahms, who visited the Netherlands in 1884 and 1885; he was also friendly with Grieg, who dedicated his Lyrische Stücke op.54 to him (1891). In 1925 he retired to a villa in Bilthoven to spend the remaining years of his life composing and writing; after World War II the Gaudeamus Foundation was established in his house.
A prolific composer, Röntgen belongs to the late Romantic school. His early works show the influence of Schumann (in the Serenade for Wind op.14) and Brahms (in the Toskanische Rispetti op.9); in other works a Scandinavian influence can be detected, even in some written before his acquaintance with Grieg. He was also attracted by the folk music of many countries, especially evident in his Boerenliedjes en contradansen. In later years the influence of Reger is apparent in his polyphonic works, and the bitonal Symphony of 1930 looks back to Debussy.
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. április 02. 18:37 | Sorszám: 1141
Katona Twins - Vivaldi Stormed (Official Video)
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. április 02. 12:28 | Sorszám: 1140
Piazzolla: Primavera portena (Spring) Piano trio
Astor Piazzolla: Four Seasons of Buenos Aires - Primavera portena (Spring)
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. április 01. 22:27 | Sorszám: 1139
Caldara: Morte e sepoltura di Christo, È morto il mio Gesù (Frigato, Biondi, Stavanger Symphony)
Közzététel: 2014. dec. 29.

Live performance January 2014, Stavanger Concert Hall, Norway.
Fabio Biondi leads Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
Soloist: Silvia Frigato, soprano, in the role of Maria di Giacobbe.

Recording released on Glossa Music spring 2015
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. március 28. 17:57 | Sorszám: 1138
Händel: Nagy Sándor ünnepe
2015. március 28. 19:30
Bartók Béla Nemzeti Hangversenyterem
élő közvetítés: www.mupa.hu/multimedia/mupa-live-webcast?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post& ...
Zsíros B. Ödön
Olvasta: 4 | Válasz | 2015. március 28. 10:29 | Sorszám: 1137
minden esetre itt lehet mazsolázni Cicerótól (Édesanyja magyar volt):

Zsíros B. Ödön
Olvasta: 4 | Válasz | 2015. március 28. 09:59 | Sorszám: 1136
nem találom.
Zsíros B. Ödön
Olvasta: 4 | Válasz | 2015. március 28. 07:04 | Sorszám: 1135
Erre a témára van egy nagyon jó Eugen Ciceró improvizáció.
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. március 27. 19:12 | Sorszám: 1134
Antonio Pasculli: Hommage à Bellini - Hansjörg Schellenberger, Margit-Anna Süß
Közzététel: 2012. nov. 25.

Hansjörg Schellenberger - Englischhorn, www.hansjoerg-schellenberger.de
Margit-Anna Süß - Harfe, www.margit-anna-suess.de
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. március 19. 12:13 | Sorszám: 1133
Béla Bartók: Sonatina - Balázs Szokolay
Feltöltés: 2009. aug. 23.

Balázs Szokolay, piano http://szokolaybalazs.com
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. március 18. 12:35 | Sorszám: 1132
Gabriel Fauré: Après un rêve (Álom után)
Közzététel: 2013. ápr. 1.

Here is one of my favorite musical compostitions, by the great French composer Gabriel Fauré.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. március 18. 12:12 | Sorszám: 1131
On-line Tartini
... www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153119671826142&set=a.10151631537741142.107 ...
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. március 15. 11:04 | Sorszám: 1130
Bach Es-dur Sonata flute - Pete Lilla
Közzététel: 2011. márc. 22.

Bach Es-dur Sonata played by Lilla Pete
Camera: Vámos Zoltán
Sound: Kohári Imre
Editing: Szalai László


Bach Es-dur Sonata Pete Lilla előadásában

Operatőr: Vámos Zoltán
Hang: Kohári Imre

Vágó: Szalai László

Színitanház - 2011
Rendes Kis
Olvasta: 3 | Válasz | 2015. március 12. 07:57 | Sorszám: 1129
Georg Christoph Wagenseil - Harp Concerto in G major
Közzététel: 2013. márc. 29.

Vittorio Parisi, conductor
Mantova Orchestra
Roberta Alessandrini, harp

Georg Christoph Wagenseil - Harp Concerto in G major
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Vivace
Tovább ...
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